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Sheet Rubber

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BC Rubber Supply is Western Canada’s largest supplier of Sheet Rubber, including a high abrasion resistance sheet rubber products.


BC Rubbers AB-140 Red Pure Gum is formulated to successfully perform under the most severe conditions possible, our custom rubber formulations represent the ideal solution to mining, cement, concrete and aggregate sectors, in applications where extreme abrasion resistance is critical: linings (chutes, hoppers, cyclones, pipes, elbows), skirting, pulley lagging, scrapers, shaker screens, pads, sleeves and sand blasting curtains. In addition, its noise abatement capabilities result in an improved working environment and increased productivity.


BC Rubber has been the leading supplier of a wide range of rubber sheet products for over 16 years !


BC Rubber offers one of the largest selections of sheet rubber materials available anywhere.


Natural (NR)

Superior tensile strength, tear and abrasion resistance, rebound elasticity (snap), flexibility and adhesion to fabric and metal.
AB-135 | AB-138


Styrene-Butadiene (SBR)

Excellent tensile strength, abrasion resistance and flexibility.
AB-155 | AB-159 | AB-164 | AB-167


Neoprene (CR)

Very good resilience to weather, ozone, natural aging, and to alkalis and acids. Good resistance to flame, abrasion, and flex cracking.


Our expert staff deals with sales of rare and unusual types of sheet rubber on regular basis, contact us today


Commercial Grade Satin Finish

AB-250 | AB-260 | AB-270


Industrial Grade Plate Finish

AB-245 | AB-255 | AB-265 | AB-275 | AB-275


Premium Grade

AB-253 | AB-263 | AB-273 | AB-279 | AB-289


Nitrile (NBR)

Superior resistance to petroleum-based hydraulic fluids; wide range of service temperatures as well as very good resistance to alkalies and acids.
AB-364 | AB-355 | AB-365 | AB-375 | TG50-064 | AB-366


Our 25,000 sf warehouse for rubber goods stocks a wide range of sheet rubber.


Ethylene-Propylene-Diene (EPDM)

Excellent resistance to heat, ozone and sunlight; very good flexibility at low temperatures; superior resistance to water and steam.

Red Sheet Packing

Commercial blend SBR for industrial gaskets.
AB-613 | AB-616 | AB-618 | AB-619 | AB-665


Chute Launder Lining

Chute lining service can be specified using any standard sheet rubber compound.


We deal in all sizes and thicknesses of sheet rubber, contact us today to get a free quote !


C.I. Packing

A fabric reinforced sheet for use in applications where the stresses are generally static in nature.
AB-951 | AB-984 | AB-2102

Diaphragm Sheet

A flexible membrane with low permeability to fluids or gases. Capable of permitting relative motion between a stationary and a moving member while maintaining a separation of the two media on either side and may maintain a pressure differential between the two media.
AB-3205 | AB-3210 | AB-3220 | AB-3228 | AB-3275 | AB-3560


Contact us today for a sheet rubber quote !


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